Dj Viki Love

Russian girl-Dj conquers the world!

Five continents, more than 100 countries and 300 dj-sets for a year of travelling. All she needs is good music and belief in her dream. Also luck and hard working as nobody is waiting for her yet.

<p>Former tv presenter and cofounder of a small business without any support or agreements she is going to bring to life a dream of any performer, musician or perhaps any person — going to world tour travelling. And she can count only on herself.</p> <p>The journey starts on August 2016, first stop is Barcelona, Spain.</p> <p>Please read the details here:</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>What you will find on the link:</p> <p>Adventure presentation:</p> <p>DjVikiLoveTravelENG.pdf (in English)</p> <p>Info about dj Viki Love:</p> <p>Dj Viki Love Press Kit English.pdf (in English)</p> <p>Social Media:</p> <p>instagram: vikilove_dj</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>e-mail: <a href=""></a></p> <p>PromoPics: <a href=""></a></p> <p>(not for publishing please):</p> <p>Phone: +79152304788 (RUS)</p> <p>Skype: cyber-vika</p>

Dj Viki Love

Oktiabrskaya st. 36,
Moscow 127018,


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