Dj Viki Love

Russian girl-Dj conquers the world!

Five continents, more than 100 countries and 300 dj-sets for a year of travelling. All she needs is good music and belief in her dream. Also luck and hard working as nobody is waiting for her yet.

“My aim is to inspire people for some active movements concerning to their future. Cause lots of us will keep walking in circles while we got just one life and it’s not endless. Everyone has a right to make their dream come true. At least I will try!” — says Victoria Rasskazova (aka dj Viki Love)

Former tv presenter and cofounder of a small business without any support or agreements she is going to bring to life a dream of any performer, musician or perhaps any person — going to world tour travelling. And she can count only on herself.

The journey starts on August 2016, first stop is Barcelona, Spain.

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DjVikiLoveTravelENG.pdf (in English)

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instagram: vikilove_dj



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Phone: +79152304788 (RUS)

Skype: cyber-vika

Dj Viki Love

Oktiabrskaya st. 36,
Moscow 127018,


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